How to Buy Incredible Belly Rings

How to Buy Incredible Belly Rings

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Belly rings gained popularity in the early 1990s after supermodel Christy Turlington showed them on a London runway. Later on, other top models followed suit. Madonna is also one of those pop stars who also followed Turlington’s lead. Nowadays, even kids rock the belly rings in some unique designs. Here are some tips to help you buy floral belly rings.


Are you allergic to metals? This is a question that you should ask yourself before buying any type of belly ring. If allergic to metals, it is advisable to buy belly rings that are made of titanium, stainless steel, or BioFlex/PTFE. BioFlex belly rings and titanium navel rings barely trigger allergic reactions. The most inert metal for making jewelry is titanium, so go for it if your skin is extra sensitive. Don’t buy floral belly ring with large amounts of nickel. Go for materials like gold and silver, but you will dig deeper into your pocket.


We all have different tastes and preferences. The most popular style is bent barbells. Others love wearing captive bead rings. If your piercing is a few weeks old, it is advisable to wear the bent barbell. Once the piercing is healed completely, you can go for jeweled belly rings and dangle belly rings with different types of decorations such as flowers. Flower decorations on belly rings make them attractive and conspicuous.


You probably saw some girls wearing these rings in a magazine and you want to have one to look great as well. Some cool patterns such as quadruple, triple, and double belly piercings look spectacular. However, most people do not know that the placement of these rings also matters. For instance, top-down belly rings are suitable for those with a lower belly piercing. The charm is at times placed at the bottom or top of the barbell and these two designs are for different belly piercings.

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