The Guide to Purchasing Silver Friendship Bracelets

The Guide to Purchasing Silver Friendship Bracelets


If you're looking for a way to show a special friend how much you value their importance in your life, silver friendship bracelets are the perfect solution!

Whether you're able to see them in person or will have to send it to them and watch their reaction on video call, you will be determined to find the best sterling silver bead bracelet possible. Follow our simple guide to buying silver friendship bracelets in 2021, and you won't go wrong.

Step 1: Choose the right supplier

Before considering individual silver friendship bracelets, you must first think about where you are buying them from. While there's a lot of sentiment in the notion that "it's the thought that counts", and inferior products can lessen the impact of the statement made. The right supplier will meet the following criteria:

  • Boast a proven track record of keeping clients happy.
  • Provide clear communication and great customer care.
  • Have strong knowledge and the ability to answer your questions.
  • Offer a wide selection of products at different price ranges.
  • Show a desire to find the product best matched to you.

ZenergeticMe is one of the best silver charm bracelet suppliers on the market, strengthening friendships coast-to-coast and overseas.

Step 2: Understand different sterling charm bracelet meanings

When looking at a sterling silver bead bracelet, one of the first things you should notice is the charm. The meaning behind the charm style should reflect the relationship that you share with the recipient.

For example, a sterling silver heart charm bracelet may be suited to your spouse or parent but might not be the best option for friendships. There are plenty of additional charms that may deliver the right message depending on the recipient. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Anchor standing for security, stability, and hope.
  • Cactus standing for endurance, bravery, and love.
  • Daisy standing for love, freshness, and motherhood.
  • Leaf standing for happiness, truth, and youth.
  • Swan standing for dreams, grace, and partnerships.

A plain sterling charm bracelet can make an equally fantastic gift too. However, matching charms can create a truly powerful statement.

Step 3: Get the right quality of sterling silver bead bracelet

The quality of the sterling silver bracelet is arguably more important than the style or design. Real silver is marked to let you know that it is authentic and of the highest quality. The best silver friendship bracelets will be marked with 'STERLING' or '.925' to indicate that they are nickel-free. Conversely, a bracelet with 'EPNS' on it contains Electro Plated Nickel Silver.

You can also test the quality and authenticity of silver by testing its magnetic attributes (pure silver is not magnetic), the cloth test (black marks should appear when oxidized), and the sound test (real silver creates a high-pitched sound) to gain peace of mind,

Step 4: Choose the perfect bracelet length and clasp

Size matters, especially when looking for a sterling silver bead bracelet to celebrate your friendship. If you are truly dedicated to finding a charm bracelet that carries the level of personalization needed to underline the strength of your bond, you must select a bracelet length that matches the preference of your recipient.

The most popular sizes include 150mm, 155mm, 160mm, 170mm, 175mm, 184mm, and 194mm. To find the right answer for your recipient, you should consider the following:

  • What is their physical height and body size?
  • Does the recipient usually wear loose-fitting or tight jewelry?
  • Could their job or fact that they are a parent make an impact?

In addition to the right length, the clasp style will influence the bracelet's comfort levels. Lobster claws are perhaps the most commonly selected but researching the alternatives will put you in a stronger position.

Step 5: Think about the bracelet style

A standard sterling silver friendship bracelet isn't the only option. You may also want to consider a sterling silver bangle charm bracelet that does not offer a full 360-degree wrap around the wrist but opts for a gap between two beads instead. This can remove the need for a clasp, but you will need to ask the following questions before committing to this choice:

  • Is the size right, because overly loose items will get lost?
  • Will the sterling silver charm bracelet charms fit?
  • What materials are the beads at the ends of the bracelet?

The answers to those questions should determine whether to opt for a full loop or bracelet with an opening.

Step 6: Complete your purchase

Once you've completed the necessary steps to find the perfect sterling silver bead bracelet to celebrate your friendship, the next step is to purchase it. After identifying an authentic, high-quality, and gorgeous product, you won't want to let yourself down by overlooking the extra features. The following checklist will yield great results:

  • Check the delivery times, especially if buying the bracelet for a special occasion.
  • Know the packaging and gift-wrapping options.
  • Understand the returns policies, just in case your recipient doesn't like it.
  • Determine whether any extra sterling silver charm bracelet charms are needed.
  • Check the secure payment methods and any transaction fees.

Ultimately, you deserve clarity throughout the purchase. Do not underestimate it.

Step 7: Remember to buy two friendship bracelets

Finally, if you want the jewelry to make a statement, you must remember that the purpose of the jewelry is to make you feel connected. Therefore, it's imperative that you wear the same sterling silver bracelet as the recipient. Otherwise, the message is somewhat lost, even if the recipient is still left with an attractive piece of wristwear.

If nothing else, this is a great excuse to treat yourself to an attractive and sentimental piece of jewelry too. Whether it's a standard bracelet or a sterling silver bangle charm bracelet, the truth is that friends often have fairly similar taste. So, if you're happy with how it looks on your wrist, there is a strong chance they will feel the same.

Still, need help buying silver friendship bracelets?

While the above guide should point you in the direction, ZenergeticMe appreciates your desire to find the very best jewelry for yourself as well as the special friend or relative. For further advice on how to find the ultimate wristwear, get in touch with our friendly sales team today!

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