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Top Five Gemstone Bracelet Trends to Follow in 2019

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The natural stones have been in demand for ages. The shape and design of these natural rocks are what has attracted many to adore natural stone jewelry in the past. Natural stone bracelets are available with different stones, which lead to a high demand for natural stone bracelets among women. The attraction of many stones such as amethyst, coral, garnet, and sapphire is unmatched.

Which Natural Stone Bracelets Would Work for Me?
These cover almost every color of the rainbow, which gives a beautiful experience to the person wearing it. One cannot deny that wearing jewelry with gemstones offer a classic look to the hands. With time, jewelry has also taken on new fashion, trends, and designs. We have come up with a list of the best gemstone jewelry, which you can adore on any given day.

1. Red Bracelet
If you are looking to adore a little red bracelet on your wrist, then ruby or garnets are a perfect choice. These give out a great look when combined with gold jewelry. When worn during special occasions, you are bound to get admiration from others. The red gemstone bracelet is one of the prominent natural stone bracelets, which is both shiny and bright.

2. Amethyst Bracelet
Are you looking to adore something a bit purplish, which looks lovely on your wrist? Perhaps, the amethyst gemstone bracelet would get you just that look. The color purple on the bracelet looks light and is suitable for all age. It is highly recommended for formal wear. You should know that when you decide to wear the Amethyst bracelet, you are wearing one of the most precious gemstones.

3. Citrine Bracelet
When you want to get a feel of the ocean, then citrine bracelet, which is a transparent gemstone, gets you there. The citrine gemstone is one of the most beautiful natural stone bracelets, which is the perfect choice to wear during the evenings at the beach. The stone is big and cut unevenly, which provides it more of a rustic look.

4. Multicolored Bracelet
When you are looking to carry a piece of jewelry for any designer outfit, the colorful bracelet is the perfect option. You can easily combine various gemstones into one single bracelet to get the full benefits of each gemstone. The best thing about this type of bracelet is that it can efficiently work with any outfit, as it includes most of the colors.

5. Round Gemstone Bracelet
For this, you first need to choose an oval gemstone to get the look. The gem encased inside the metal, surrounded by small diamonds would offer a great look. You can easily carry this off as this bracelet combines one gem with another with the utmost ease. We recommend that you also try to shop leather charm bracelets online to get a great overall look.

6. Designer Gemstone Bracelet
If you want a quirky look with a gemstone bracelet, then designer gemstone bracelet is the best option for you. The asymmetrical design combined with a unique look suits the college-going girls. You can look for gemstones with irregular shapes to get this gemstone bracelet ready.

When you are looking to adore natural stone bracelets, then choosing either of those mentioned above would help you wear something fashionable.

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