Energy bracelets are made based on various principles. Energy bracelets serve as tools of helping you to manifest your dreams and tap your inner power.

What you need to know about Energy Bracelets

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You have probably heard that energy bracelets cure numerous problems and help to boost performance. This is a popular concept but could it be true? We all want to become great athletes, feel healthier, and sleep better. Dedicating yourself to train and live a healthy lifestyle is quite challenging. These energy bracelets make such tasks easy. Let’s find out how.

How they work

All objects on earth have energy. Crystals as well can hold energy. Your energy is affected when you wear crystals. Most energy bracelets are specially designed in such a way that they bring the user desired energy. This energy is achieved by incorporating different types of crystals. For the magical results, combine your energy, intentions, and thoughts with crystals. This way, you will achieve the desired outcomes. Energy bracelets serve as tools of helping you to manifest your dreams and tap your inner power.

Types of energy bracelets

Energy bracelets are made based on various principles. The following are some incredible types of energy bracelets:

Positive Energy Bracelets

These type of bracelets are made based on the body’s magnetic properties. These bracelets are also referred to as therapy accessories or magnetic bracelets. About five decades ago, it was discovered that since blood has oxygen, it also consists of a paramagnetic nature. These bracelets are most suitable for personal health because it improves blood circulation and helps in muscle recovery.

Negative Ion Bracelets

This type is basically based on negative ions. Volcanic ashes are used to make these bracelets. These negative ions in the body bond with excess positive ions. This type of bracelet is most used to attain a balanced state of the body.

Natural Energy Bracelets

These bracelets and acupuncture work on a similar principle. Most internationally known sports personalities use them. These bracelets are made of natural stone and leather. These stones on natural energy bracelets affect the body’s pressure points in a desirable way.

All of the bracelets and necklaces made at Zenergeticme are handmade with love and positive intention. Before each piece is shipped to you, it is purified, cleansed, aligned and activated for your protection. Our healing room vibrates with sound, light, crystal energy and sacred geometry to make sure your piece is energized at the highest frequency.

When you receive your bracelet, the first thing you want to do is set your intention for having it. Find a quiet place where you feel safe -maybe your sacred space, meditation space or just a place where you feel relaxed and centered. Sit quietly with your piece, holding it in your hands. Breathe in and out several times, closing your eyes and visualizing the highest white light. Visualize your intention for your piece. Feel a natural energy fill your body. The stones are listening and ready to carry your intention. When you are ready, open your eyes. Your piece is now ready to wear!

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