Friendship bracelets are adorable and they are among the best gifts you can ever receive from someone you treasure. These bracelets are a sign of honor, love, and they make you look stylish.

What you should know today about Friendship Bracelets

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Those who are 90’s kids still remember what bright colored friendship bracelets meant back in the day. Interestingly, the social status of people was determined by the bracelets stacked up on the arm. If you had more, the better. We cannot say that friendship bracelets are a thing of the past because they still are relevant to date. Most people wear them and buy their friends as special gifts. Let’s have a look at some of the most important things about these bracelets that everyone should know.


The making of these bracelets can be credited to Native Americans. However, knot-tying can be traced back to China and other parts. Different types of decorative knots were tied in China as early as 481-221 B.C. The Chinese used different types of knots for various reasons. Most people used them as decorations for clothing.

Macrame refers to the process of making beautiful patterns with decorative knots. Macrame started with the Arabs as early as the 13th century. The craft quickly spread to other parts of the world such as Italy and France. Sailors then picked up the trend as started using macrame knots at the sea. Macrame became popular in America back in the 1960s. Different types of crafts were popular with teenagers and kids.

Native Americans were the first to create friendship bracelets with the idea of love in the mind. The person who was to receive the bracelet had to make one wish. They believed that their wish would be granted by wearing the bracelet throughout until it fell naturally. Another interesting tradition of Native Americans is that the removal of friendship bracelets before they wore out naturally was a sign of a broken friendship.

Popular styles of friendship bracelets throughout the years

Most of the popular friendship bracelets that have trended over the years are Native American patterns. The half-hitch knot is the most used. Other common patterns that have been trending include diamond, totem pole, broken ladder, and chevron. Navajo weaving styles have also significantly influenced some of the popular patterns of friendship bracelets.

Navajo weaving style started in the 16th century. Native Americans created blankets among other types of fabrics on looms. The diamond pattern of these bracelets means everything when it comes to friendship bracelets. The diamond looks great in different colors, explaining why it is still loved by most people today.

Nowadays, people buy or create cute friendship bracelets in any pattern. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. To enhance your creativity when buying or making these bracelets, you can check out TV shows, movies, pictures, and your favorite music. You will be inspired by what people wear. There are those who like additions such as feathers and beads for decorative purposes. According to the tradition of Native Americans, colors were chosen by the creator of the bracelet to represent the recipient. Colors had different meanings. For instance, red stood for honesty, blue for loyalty, and black for strength.

Simple friendship bracelets to make

You don’t have to go for complicated bracelet designs. There are dozens of cute friendship bracelets you can make that do not need knot-tying or weaving. You may find it quite enjoyable to make no-sew bracelets that only require strips of cloth.  You cut the material into long thin pieces, and braid them together. The best material for making such a bracelet is stretchy cotton. Put your old t-shirt fabric into use. Duct tape, as well as washi tapes, also make cute friendship bracelets. These materials come in many patterns, colors, and styles that are great for creating bracelets.

Colorful straws also make incredible friendship bracelet designs. You can easily cut straws into pieces that can be strung onto embroidery floss. During the summer, people have other interesting ways of creating bracelets. You have probably seen some made of pieces of flowers, wheat, and grass among other unexpected materials.

Creativity matters a lot when creating bracelets. You are not limited to anything as long as there is something special you want for someone. Now that you understand some of the basics of friendship bracelets, let’s discuss some things that most people do not address.


If you and your friend are inseparable, you may want to have something in common. If you do everything together including going to classes and going out for parties, why don’t you consider matching bracelets as well? Your friendship will only make sense if you go an extra mile and have identical cute friendship bracelets. You can have bracelets in the same color, material, and style.

Same but different

You have the same tastes in almost everything you do with your friend. However, you like to add a personal twist to various things to differentiate the two of you. This principle can as well apply to friendship bracelets. You may customize bracelets with similar styles, but with different details. For instance, you may go for bracelets with the same style but different stones or colors. This can best be described as a funky pair.

Opposite attraction

They say that opposites attract, and we can’s dispute that. Maybe you and your best friend vibe the same but see things differently. The best thing about such a friendship is that you will be in a good position to maintain a strong and balanced friendship.

You like to stand out in any crowd with the same color from head to toe. Your partner maybe wants to wear different colors and feels comfortable in them. Although your differences are well spelled out, you respect each other. When you respect someone’s taste of things, you also go ahead to get them friendship bracelets that best suits their needs. Things might be different but they perfectly work together in a mysterious way.

Although it’s not yet proven how friendship bracelet wishes come true, people still cannot give up on them. They are adorable and they are among the best gifts you can ever receive from someone you treasure. These bracelets are a sign of honor, love, and they make you look stylish.

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