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  • Adjustable Wristband
  • Adjustable Wristband
  • Adjustable Wristband
  • Adjustable Wristband
  • Adjustable Wristband
  • Adjustable Wristband

Adjustable Wristband


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Our Adjustable Wristbands are easy to apply or remove during exercise. Although they are fairly stiff they remain comfortable.

They feature premium stitching and high end durable extra wide velcro. Fully adjustable and machine washable.

Amazing support, comfortable and allows for enough wrist protection to eliminate pain & discomfort by securing the wrist in a neutral position. The strongly reinforced thumb loops keep the wrap in place on your hand and wrist.

Built to outlast other wrist wraps on the market using high-grade nylon materials instead of cotton or other cheap materials. Tested to perform in the most extreme conditions. Our Adjustable Wristbands will outperform and outlast even the most expensive wraps on the market.

This means higher levels of adjustability and more support when you need it compared to shorter wraps. Gives superior levels of support to immobilize the wrist when necessary yet can also be wrapped lightly to allow freedom of movement in the wrist joint - while still giving support with less restriction of blood flow.

Thumb loop lasts longer, doesn’t fray and snap. Our top grade hook and loop will secure strong. We double zig-zag stitch our hook and loop, ensuring it doesn’t tear from the elastic.

Power type help with wrist movement. Our polyester, elastically adjustable wristband is a must have zenergeticme product exclusive.

Choose from THREE colors. Easy to wear, adjustable pressure, and more for the application.

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