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  • Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp



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The air around us contains bacteria, dust, and many more harmful allergens, in addition to water. A Himalayan salt lamp works by attracting water around us and then vaporizing it with the help of heat from within by a process known as Hygroscopy. With in-built light within each chunk of Himalayan salt, these are attractive low-light lamps to use at night too. The vast presence of minerals within imparts the pink shade to the salt lamp.

When combined with negative ions from within, a Himalayan salt lamp odorizes the air around and generates negative ions, stabilizing you mentally as well as physically.

These crystals are commonly known as rock salt and come exclusively from the Himalayan Mountains. The chemical composition of Himalayan salt includes 95¨C96% sodium chloride, incurred with 2¨C3% polyhalite and small amounts of other minerals such as iron oxide which gives it an orange/pink glow.

JIC Gem Pyramid Salt Lamps are natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains, these crystals act as natural air purifiers when activated by a light source.

Your new Himalayan Pyramid Salt Lamp comes complete with a 25W bulb that is housed inside the cored out salt crystal and fits into the 75W power cord. The cords have a dimmer-switch feature, making these lamps adjustable to any setting you prefer.

Conventionally these salt lamps are used more for illuminating rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, patios, and bedrooms, with an incandescent light bulb inside. When illuminated the salt crystals emit a soft, attractive orange/pink glow and make for excellent nightlights, ambient mood lighting and providing relaxing atmospheres.

Some believe that these heated salt crystals emit negative ions or positive energy waves into the air. There is, however, no scientific evidence that salt lamps actually give out a measurable amount of "negative ions", nor is there any evidence of any health benefits from the lamps, this is universally true despite what other salt lamp sellers/manufacturers state.

  • Hand-carved Himalayan Salt Lamp, Natural Material from Deep more than 2000 Feet below sea level.
  • Pyramid will bring more energy as usual.
  • Ideally Natural Air Purifier for room 50-80SF, or 2 for a 100-120SF room.
  • UL listed Power Cord with bulb, make the light perfect shinning on your room & bring purified air.
Natural Pink Salt Lamps Hand Carved for Air Purifying, Reduce Allergic Reaction. Improve Sleep, Alleviate Asthma, Ease Pressure, Relieve eye strain.

100% REAL HIMALAYAN SALT Authentic and professionally selected Himalayan rock salt crystals from Khewra, Pakistan.

Each lamp is unique, may vary in shape, size, and color.

SOOTHING & CALMING LAMP Naturally beautiful when off; pleasant and relaxing amber light once lit. Wonderful as mood lighting.

TOUCH-CONTROLLED DIMMABLE LIGHTING Simply taps to activate, then tap and hold the touch control to adjust the lamp's brightness.

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