Although these crystals are quite useful especially during Mercury retrograde, they are valuable possessions of all time. You can always wear them as jewelry because they blend well with different types of outfits.

Surviving Mercury Retrograde With Crystals

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You probably have heard close friends say, “Mercury will retrograde soon!” This phenomenon has caught the attention of people who believe in it and those who do not. If you have never heard of it, you are probably wondering what it entails. Well, Mercury retrograde is an important astrological event that plays a significant role in most of our daily activities. There are numerous planetary aspects, but this one gets a lot of attention globally.

Most people are scared of Mercury retrograde because it impacts their way of life including communication and thinking. People have developed an interest in this phenomenon because it affects them in a fairly uniform manner. Once you start paying attention to any event in life and how it shapes your life, you will start noticing how important it is to you and its impact on your life.

You probably encountered an awkward scenario and thought that it is an unusual thing only to find that it affects others in equal measure. Information is key when it comes to such things. Mercury Retrograde is an event that should not be overlooked by anyone because it affects all forms of communication. It is during such a period that we often experience accidents, mix-ups, and delays when it comes to technology, transportation, and communication.

It is important for everyone to keep track of this period because it will help to boost your productivity. At least you will be in a good position to avoid some unnecessary frustrations brought by Mercury retrograde. Remember that Mercury rules travel, logical thinking, connections, and signals. You can imagine what would happen if there is any form of imbalance.

Effective communication is an important component that plays a major role to ensure the success of friendships, partnerships, romances, and creative projects. During Mercury retrograde, daily exchanges, meetings, and conversations may not go as planned. You will probably encounter a computer crash or car breakdown. Astrologers advise you to avoid starting new projects, building new relationships, completing tasks, and signing contracts during this period.

There are certain things that I decided never to engage in during the Mercury retrograde period. One of them is traveling. Everyone wants to travel safely and comfortably. Am not an exception, I want to have a good time while traveling. This period could lead to poor thinking when driving, and I might mess up everything. I also do not want to risk traveling by air because poor communication might occur. To stay on the safe side of life, I prefer to remain indoors until that period is over.
During such a period, I prefer spending time alone because everyone seems to have gone mad. Staying alone and meditating is a good way for me to avoid arguments with others for no concrete reason. You can imagine arguing with someone who cannot even think coherently. Electronic equipment such as computers may also go on the fritz. I double check everything and try to stay calm.

How to Survive the Mercury Retrograde

You need some self-awareness and inner strength to overcome the trials and tribulations of this period. Mercury retrograde can be quite frustrating, but you can always arm yourself with these crystals especially if you are planning to engage in difficult conversations. Aquamarine crystals help you to establish a strong connection with the inner self, increases intellectual stability, and provides emotional stability. Aquamarine is so far my favorite crystal for the Mercury retrograde period; I carry it to provide a protective shield around my energy field. It is the best way for me to remain stable and carry on with activities as usual while others are struggling with undesirable occurrences.

Rose Quartz
Mercury retrograde is known for causing a lot of kerfuffles which is all about love. Rose quartz crystals help to improve romantic relationships, attract love, and also to know whether it’s time to quit a relationship or not. The crystal opens your heart to various types of love including community love, family, friends, romantic love, and everything on Earth.

You can wear rose quartz crystals as jewelry or hold them while meditating. The crystals will surround you with a shield of love energy. The love energy will balance and activate the heart chakra. We all know how powerful love is. Love makes us do crazy things which might even go to the higher level during mercury retrograde period where you are not able to reason rationally.

When you hold rose quartz stones while meditating or wear it as jewelry, it surrounds you with a sphere of love energy, which activates and balances the heart chakra. Love is the most powerful energy, which makes rose quartz one of the most used stones for healing and flooding the body with positive energy.

Blue Lace Agate
During Mercury retrograde, you are likely to get anxious and flustered when things go the wrong way or in an unexpected manner. Fortunately, blue lace agate crystals will help to calm down if things get twisty and dark. This calming crystal brings you tranquility and grace to keep moving. Blue lace agate lessens anger and calms nervousness which affects most people during mercury retrograde. The calming stone helps you to release the fear of oppressive burdens and death. It enhances self-expression and brings inspiration and peace. If you want to access high energetic realms during mercury retrograde, this is the crystal to use.

Unchecked emotions are also quite common during the Mercury retrograde period. Such emotions cause misunderstandings. Chrysocolla is the perfect crystal to help in balancing your mood and healing emotional heartache. In addition to that, the crystal is quite effective at reducing muscle pain and menstrual cramps. Having periods during Mercury retrograde can be quite frustrating, but you now know how to solve the issue.

Although these crystals are quite useful especially during Mercury retrograde, they are valuable possessions of all time. You can always wear them as jewelry because they blend well with different types of outfits. Mercury retrograde should never scare you because you now understand the power of crystals during such a period.

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